Best Professional Networking Blogs and Resources in 2020

Best Professional Networking Blogs and Resources in 2020

Best Professional Networking Blogs and Resources in 2020

Tired of trying to blindly navigate networking events and conference happy hours? While networking can be uncomfortable, it is essential to have a vast network of trusted people you can turn to for professional assitance. That said, let’s leave the awkward introductions and Linkedin Messages in the past. Here’s our list of the best professional networking blogs and resources.

IMS, since 1977, has worked towards building a long term successful career for its students. It emerged as the fourth most trusted education brands in a AC Nielsen and Brand Equity Survey. IMS Proschool is the extension of the same mission. At Proschool, our approach is to help individuals realize their potential by mentoring and imparting skills.

Our mission at Lifehack is to help you overcome your obstacles and turn them into opportunities so that you can lead a purposeful, healthier and more productive life.

Global Experiences is comprised of world travelers who are fortunate to have lived, worked, or studied overseas. Our travels have inspired us and shaped our lives, and our shared love for exploring new places and immersing ourselves in foreign cultures is why we all work here. Our team of 30+ spans nationalities in locations around the world.

At Fryday’s events you will know that you are communicating with a real person and you will be able to create a relationship with this person based on facts and impressions you gather yourself. Fryday is a place where you can connect with new people and establish relationships of trust, hear the latest news from the local business community, exchange tacit knowledge, meet potential clients and become a part of a vast international network.

Careerz360 is set to revolutionise recruitment industry in Pakistan, with years of experiecne (of its parent company, kbs international pvt ltd) in developing enterprise solutions and with passionate workforce (many of them foreign qualified) careerz360 is well positioned to take up this challenge and mark its name in the history of Pakistan’s IT industry.

We provide the leading travel industry directory and connect travel pros to in-depth resources. We are a team dedicated to creating content that helps people understand the travel industry on a deeper level. We keep ourselves busy designing infographics, crunching data from our annual surveys, and working to create the best articles around.

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