7 Career Opportunities For Master’s Degree In Organizational Leadership

Leadership is the talent of stimulating and training people to perform specific tasks to achieve a common goal. Efficient leaders are essential to any organization as the success of a company relies on employee confidence in leadership and management. Leadership abilities are crucial to building strong teams, ensuring project management, managing a team, and getting your desired work done regardless of your career.

Hence, inspiring others and making them follow your direction is an ability not everyone has since it requires interpersonal and communication skills. Whether you are a newbie, you need to develop and enhance your management abilities at some point in life or the other.


The world is a competitive ground; therefore, organizational leadership is necessary to secure your standing in the current employment scenario and achieve significant raises and promotions. It provides a broader understanding of how businesses should operate. Organizational leadership enhances your vision, develops foresight, augments your problem-solving skills, and anchors your ability to build a team, make decisions, and demonstrate integrity for steady, successful functioning.

Due to the popularity of the leadership programs, most people prefer to obtain a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, to broaden their career opportunities. That specific degree will enable you to become a competent and valued leader while equipping you with the essential skills and experience.

Here are the seven career opportunities you may wish to pursue after you major in organizational leadership:

1. Executive Coach

An organizational leadership major can work as an executive coach in a firm to influence and guide the clients so they can achieve self-awareness, unleash their potential, and lead their teams efficiently. These clients include top executives, corporate managers, and personnel in the administration of the company. Executive coaches practice their skills to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses while providing them support, direction, focus, and goal-setting. They anchor their ability to make their own decisions with their enhanced foresight. According to a renowned website- Payscale, an executive coach, earns up to $98,264, which can increase up to $180,000.

2. Sales Manager

Many professionals working as sales managers often require prominent organizational leadership skills. They recruit and train new sales representatives, observe performance trends and sales psychology. In the language of behavior psychology, a tool that explains and predicts the behavior of a person is the ‘behavioral assessment’. Perhaps, the behavioral assessment test is used in various walks of life like in the education sector, clinical as well as the corporate sector as it helps predict the behavior of the person in life. Subsequently, they motivate employees to work accordingly to achieve the objectives of the company. Moreover, sales managers work to stimulate people into buying their products, bringing more business to the company. Another reliable website- recruiter.com, states that the Sales Manager’s salary begins at $88000 and can reach a maximum of $132000.

3. School Principal 

They are the leader of an institute whose primary goal is to maintain an environment where students can grow and learn; therefore, organizational leadership is a prerequisite for this career. They supervise the entire school management, administration, and students to make sure they are operating well. A school principal has the role of a responsible leader that binds the school system together as a whole safe, productive entity for all. 

 4. Career Counselor

A career counselor is a motivator and advisor who leads them towards their desired, suitable career path. Career counselors help students determine their career or program by identifying their skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Moreover, they assist them in enhancing their social as well as academic skills. Counselors allow students to explore their interests and weigh their options to make a wise decision about their career. They get a good return in terms of salary, as a Career Counselor’s average wage is $44,909, along with some added benefits and bonuses. 

5. Management Analysts

Management analysts guide companies towards more efficient ways of functioning. They work as a counselor for the management as the goodwill of the corporations to help identify the loopholes in their company, provide expert solutions, procedures to improve productivity and businesses. Management analysts are in high demand while the profession is growing faster than other fields. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there has been an increase of 14% in the employment rate. Moreover, a management analyst earns an average of $85,260 per year. 

6. Human Resource Manager

Organizational leadership provides a comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals; therefore, it can improve the company’s structure and function as human resource managers. HR managers work as a liaison to maintain, support, and develop various teams and their leaders. They work to provide ultimate employee indemnification and strategic planning for the welfare of its employees and company. HR managers’ salaries are promising and satisfying as they earn an average of $81,48; therefore, being one of the highest-paying professions.

7. Postsecondary Education Administrator

Postsecondary education administrators have a crucial role to play in an educational institute. They ensure the institute’s credibility that they following the state and federal guidelines to formulate their curriculum and research. They work in various departments in an educational institute, ranging from student affairs, admissions, or registration department. They guide, support, and lead both the students and the staff, maintaining a healthy, satisfactory relationship.


In today’s competitive business environment, pursuing a degree in Organizational Leadership is a worthwhile one as it projects several different career options to enhance the efficiency of professionals and the functioning of businesses. It can open doors of success for anyone who wishes to thrive with a stable profession. From school administration to the sales department, the MAOL graduate may opt for various career paths. These graduates may get jobs in numerous roles, including executive coaches, educational heads, business managers, and other high-level trained professionals with impressive salaries.

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