6 Perks of an Executive Assistant Every Fresh Grads Should Know

The advantages of being an Executive Assistant outweighs those of other job opportunities available for most fresh college graduates. Executive Assistants perform different tasks and work with a lot of different people to ensure that the company runs smoothly. The job comes with some independence, excitement as well as variability. This article tries to give you a few reasons to become an executive assistant. We try to give you an insight on what fresh grads should know about being an executive assistant.

What is an Executive Assistant?

An executive assistant is administrative personnel who works to support an organization’s executive or any other high-level administrator. They carry out several office management tasks, offer clerical support, and in most cases handle duties that have a direct influence on the success of the organization. Such duties include orienting and training new staff. In most cases, you find them answering phone calls, preparing comprehensive reports, making travel arrangements for executive members, screening visitors, filing and organizing company documents, writing and recording company meetings, as well as performing other basic bookkeeping duties. These roles that Executive Assistants hold are what makes them unique as a part of an organization. 

Perks of Being an Executive Assistant

For any fresh graduates or unemployed youths looking for employment opportunities, you should try being an Executive Assistant. The job does not require a lot of qualifications and can be the best point to start your career life. There are a lot of PA recruitment agencies that can help you launch your career off the ground. If you are considering a path in Administration, then you should check on the following perks of being an Executive Assistant.

1. It gives you the Chance to Work with everyone in the Organization.

Executive Assistants deal with all major aspects of a firm’s operations like designing office layouts, scheduling, implementing processes that impact all employees, orienting new staff members, managing office functions, etc. In this case, they end up interacting with, and befriending almost every person in the company. Having such high-end interactions with executive members puts you in a better position for job promotions, and even better job opportunities as time goes by.

2. You get the chance to do a little bit of everything.

Executive Assistants, apart from getting to work with everybody, get to do a little bit of everything in the organization. They are part of every aspect of success in the firm’s operations. Executive Assistants have a responsibility of assisting executive members they work for in every way possible. This means that they end up performing almost everything and anything. The all-rounded nature of their job gives them the required experience for most jobs in an organization. In any case, a vacancy in a higher position appears in the company, they have the best chance at securing the job.

3. You get to Participate in a company’s strategic direction.

Executive members often count on their Executive Assistants to offer guidance and strategic advice in matters both small and big, affecting the business. Once you are a trusted executive assistant, you gain inclusion into boardroom meetings where important business decisions are made i.e. whether or not to expand the venture internationally. As a result of being at the forefront in making such important decisions, Executive Assistants get to take ownership of the business just as much as the business leaders themselves. As an executive assistant assigned to such roles, you get to obtain leadership skills that will help you in case you want to start your own business.

4. Helps you find growth within the same role.

Executive Assistants have an opportunity to expand their roles, even as they develop new skills. One can stay in the same role for several years but wish to perform a different task every year. Executive Assistants are continuously exposed to the chances of developing new competencies. This means that they can expand their tasks to incorporate their new interests and skills. This perk helps you as a self-starter who wants to build up a career from the bottom. The new skills and interests obtained from your job as an Executive Assistant will help you advance to become an effective business owner once the need arises.

5. Involves you in planning.

Executive Assistants spend most of their time planning, organizing, mapping, calculating and making strategies. They have a duty to manage their bosses’ busy schedules and calendars, finding the most strategic ways to incorporate important events into the executives’ limited time frames. They have to plan strategic business initiatives, office layouts, and schedules, as well as workflows and timelines to make projects work and things flow. People who love arranging and keeping track of information have an upper hand in this job. The planning skills you acquire from working as an Executive Assistant will help you in other occupations in case you plan to advance or change your roles.

6. Helps you be in the know

Executive Assistants have the privilege of having first-hand information about the company or even the entire business world. They sit in on important meetings, offer advice on key decisions, and even liaise with multiple teams or partner firms. In case there is a leadership vacancy or any other vacancies in the firm, Executive Assistants are probably among the first to know. They have an upper hand if they decide to apply for such slots. The job also helps you stay up-to-date with the business world in general.


Working as an Executive Assistant helps you acquire a number of skills, and an experience you may need as you advance into your career path of choice. You have the chance to learn directly from the boss, something that other employees in the organization may not have. If you are a fresh graduate from college, it is one of the best career options to start with.


About the author:

Olivia Coughtrie is Co-founder & Director at Oriel Partners, a London-based PA and administrative recruitment consultancy. Olivia is passionate about providing companies with high-quality talents while helping candidates reach their full potential at the same time.

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