Why is Social Work Becoming a Popular Degree Choice

In this century, our world has progressed immensely. The quality of life has improved, and people are leading lives that were not even imaginable by their ancestors. Technology has brought so much disruption that everything in the world is democratized or automated. Thus, convenience and comfort are the real gifts of living in this era. However, the picture is not all satisfying. The wonders mentioned above are mostly on the surface and for specific territories. There are instances and situations where people are suffering much too. The words of “depression,” “mental health,” “dissatisfaction” are also echoed in these times. The new world order has brought unemployment, poverty, inadequate working conditions, and access to basic needs. Similarly, there are growing concerns about capitalism involvements in the judicial system, and the political ecosystem also questions the credibility of such pillars of society.

Hence, the world also needs overhauling and social upgrading to neutralize the individual, family, community, and corporate level. This world needs people to focus on the more significant goods, collective benefits, and improved society. Some people need a helping hand more than a piece of medical advice, technical expertise, but humane support.

That is why we are observing a spike in admiration towards social work and related competencies. The newer generation is opting for social causes over their virtues. The need for social activism and social virtues is now felt by hospitals, military, community, corporate, schools, and all. It requires passion above all, but you cannot get the desired impact without technical competence and understanding. Nowadays, many universities offer degree programs like online social work masters to fill the gap between needs and skills. However, these skillsets can provide an edge in the career and employment area too.

Social work and relevant domains are becoming popular among students and future professionals for various other reasons too. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Wide Variety to Choose From:

Millennials like to have multiple choices in their lives. Social Work Domain offers the same in the professional field as there is a greater demand in almost every sector. Building upon a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, graduates can choose from various specialized areas like a child and family care, mental health, substance abuse, healthcare, etc. They can choose to work with different employers like hospitals, military, schools, substance abuse clinics, etc. Licensed clinical social workers can also work as private practitioners, either alone or with practitioners.


Job Satisfaction:

Job satisfaction is one of the most sought after virtues by any professional. People seek mental peace and job satisfaction once their financial needs are met, and their loyalty to any employer or work depends highly on their happiness. Social work and community development are ideal for those who find solace in helping people. Through social work, you can help people cope with physical illness or mental illness, unemployment, poverty, addiction, discrimination, and numerous other adverse virtues. Your work can include connecting sufferers to the right counsel, healthcare assistance, counseling, mentoring, etc. According to various job surveys, social work attains the top 5 professions’ position with the highest job satisfaction.

Job Prospects and Outlooks:

Upcoming and aspiring social workers would not have to face the drill of extensive job search like other deflating career paths, in the coming years. As discussed earlier, there are numerous areas and fields of interest available to serve as a social worker. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the anticipated growth in social work is 11% from 2018-28, which is a much faster pace than average growth in any field. Because of its sensitivity, the world will need social workers to address issues continuously. In addition to that, social work also provides greater flexibility to pivot and grow, as it is mandatory in various fields to a greater extent.

Earning Potential:

One of the most crucial factors in opting for a career path is earning potential and overall financial growth. As discussed already, social work is not only in demand today, but it will also grow over the years. Most social workers earn a full-time income, but their pay scale depends on the specialty and the employer. According to Payscale.com, an average salary for a social worker is around $47,000 annually. However, these numbers vary significantly in terms of the work domain; for example, workers in the substance abuse category earn lesser. But overall, it is one of those industries which will make more ahead as awareness and understanding of this role is increasing.



As we discussed, there are significant advantages that an individual can get in social work are numerous. However, the defining factor and tipping point for opting for social work is primarily the work’s purpose and objective. People who find peace, happiness, and solace in helping others, uplifting the morale of communities, and improving people’s quality of life cannot find any other domain so empowering. Therefore, it is essential to encourage people towards social work as it will help the sector grow, and indirectly it will help society attain progress and prosperity.

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