How to Setup a Software Company in Dubai?

Dubai presents many investment opportunities for a Setup Software company in Dubai who wants to open a business. In the IT industry, many large companies have opened a subsidiary in Dubai, but the city offers plenty of options for small IT companies as well. The merging process is relatively simple after all requirements are met. The IT industry has been very booming in Dubai due to several factors.

Among these are federal and local government interest in creating a modern infrastructure based on new techniques and a large number of young foreign companies who come to work for a company Dubai. Furthermore, Dubai offers the best free zone globally, dedicated to investors interested in setting up companies in the IT field. The world’s eyes have in the Dubai industry software company in Dubai settings for some time now.

Why Should You Open A Software Company In Dubai?

Dubai presents many investment opportunities for those who want to open a company. In the IT industry, many large companies have opened a subsidiary in Dubai, but the city offers plenty of options for small IT companies as well. The merging process is relatively simple after all requirements are met.

Below, we will explain the main requirements to comply with when establishing an IT business in Dubai. With the help of our company formation agent in Dubai, an IT company’s opening can occur very quickly.

In Dubai, you can enjoy a kind of technology in a short time, and rise to a technological culture is set. This time is right for every trade owner to open a Software Setup company in Dubai, a company’s products or equipment in Dubai, to gain this market trend.

Foreign investors must open and operate their information technology setup in Dubai due to low taxes. Therefore, the free repatriation of the amount of profit earned to the home country if more selecting investors for free travel from zone company registration fee. Foreign investors even have access to the swimming pool outsized employees to settle on from, with different backgrounds and communications and internet infrastructure, specially developed in the region.

Where can you open a Software Company in Dubai?

Those interested in starting an IT company in Dubai can register on the Dubai mainland or Dubai free zone company setup. Among the free zones in Dubai Software company settings that are specifically designed to accommodate the company, including IT software, are:

Dubai Silicon Oasis
Dubai Media City;
Dubai Internet City;
Dubai Knowledge Village

Dubai mainland is to have both a Software Development and Software Trading exercise for a license can be issued a business license and have a local partner UAE to your license. Meanwhile, in the Internet zone, you will get 100 percent ownership for both professionals only as a business license. You have issued multiple licenses for the organization of your Internet zone to have two drills at an additional cost.

What is the step by step procedure for opening a Software company in Dubai?

To fix your software company in Dubai, find out your market first. for business growth and success, we prescribe you to make up your Dubai mainland company. (DED), which manages the licensing Dubai in Dubai Mainland has noticed some changes to improve opening a company in Dubai Mainland.

Get License

Before establishing a Dubai IT company, one must obtain a professional license that will allow him/her to engage in business activities. The first step to receiving a license is to hire the services of a local agent who will deal with obtaining work visas, licenses, and other necessary documents.

Follow these steps to get the License in Dubai-

1. Finalize and register a trading name for your business
2. Take approval from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai
3. Register your IT company as a professional form to enjoy the benefit of full ownership and sole proprietorship

Submit the Documents to DED for Approval

The documents submitted by the DED for the establishment of an It company are listed below-

1. Initial fee payment receipt.’
2. Local sponsor’s naturalization book’s copy
3. Passport copy of the person and his partners
4. NOC for foreign partners
5. License and fees.

Apply for Visa

Finally, when the license is issued, eligible applicants have a limit of 2 investor visas whose names indicate the MOA in the business and professional licenses in the Dubai mainland. Therefore, for the Free Zone, a qualifying investor visa depends on the customer’s bundle.

In Dubai Land, the time to open a Software Company in Dubai will be 7 to 10 working days, while in the Dubai free zone would associate with 5 to 6 working days after confirmation of immigration.

Before you start setting up a software company in Dubai, research all Freezones of Dubai, UAE. UAE’s free trade zone is often the most cost-effective way to start a business here. It also offers benefits like 100 percent tax exemption and capital, profit repatriation, and 100 percent ownership. If you still find it challenging to start an It company in Dubai, please hire a professional business setup consultant in Dubai. They will make your process not just comfortable but also cost-effective. 


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