7 Useful Condo Living Tips for College Students

Being a college student is when you start feeling the transition from teenage years to adulthood.

The college years are the period in life when you will start feeling the need to be more independent and self-sufficient. It doesn’t matter if you’re inclined to do so. Some situations will push you out of your comfort zone.

One way that this manifests for you is through living alone in a new place. It’s like living in a dorm or renting a condominium unit near a university.

If it’s your first time living in a condo, here are several tips that you should follow:

1. Stick to a budget

Sticking to a budget starts with figuring out which condo you want.

Different elements affect how much a condo rental will cost. For example, if you want the condo you’re renting to have everything you need in your condo security checklist, it’s likely going to cost you more. However, the benefits would be safety, security, and peace of mind whenever you’re there.

Know which ones are non-negotiable and which ones you’re okay with being more lenient. That way, you can dictate and adequately manage your budget, so you don’t end up spending too much money on rent alone.

After you have a reasonable rental fee each month, you can start practicing sticking to a budget and living within your means.

2. Create room divisions

When you have a smaller space, it’s understandable that one room can serve multiple purposes to make up for the lack of space.

For example, the lack of counter space might lead you to use your dining area as a prep area as well. These are common, but it might be a good idea to create some form of division still.

The room divisions allow you to have multi-functional spaces in your condo still. Your room division doesn’t even have to be a physical barrier.

Some visual indication of the separation should suffice. The division will make your multi-functional spaces look more organized.

3. Unplug unused electronics

Since you’re a college student, you probably don’t have a lot of cash in the bank, which means you should be as frugal as possible.

Frugality doesn’t mean you have to be cheap and live a lower quality of life. It means you should pick up habits that aren’t wasteful and stop bad habits that cost you a lot financially.

A simple way you can do that is by unplugging any electronics that aren’t in use.

Whether it’s a fan or the TV or your phone charger, if you’re not using it, unplug it. They still end up using energy because they’re drawing up power from the outlet.

4. Get a roommate

If you don’t think you can afford or live a comfortable life renting a condo while shouldering all the bills, you might want to get a roommate.

You can ask your close friends to be roommates with you or find a friend in your college. Ask around and make sure that you find someone that won’t be a nightmare for your entire stay together.

You also want someone to be responsible, but make sure that you are too. You can even lookup people in your college who are looking for roommates. Ask around if some online posts or hubs will help connect you with people looking for a place to stay.

If push comes to shove, you can always try out Craigslist and check out people looking for a room but make sure that you interview them first.

5. Tidy up your condo

No matter how small or big your condo may be, it will always benefit from a little tidying up every once in a while. The smaller your space is, the more critical it is to make sure that you keep it as clean as possible for as often as possible.

Besides ensuring that your condo isn’t dirty, you also have to make sure that everything is tidy.

Tidiness is different from cleanliness, after all. If you have a roommate, it’s especially crucial for your relationship that you keep things tidy. You need to be conscious of how clean you are now that you have a roommate.

When you live in a clean and tidy place, it makes you happier and healthier in the long run.

6. Turn on the exhaust

Since a condo isn’t exactly like a house, you need to make sure that you turn on the exhaust every time you cook.

It would be best if you also did that in the bathroom. You might even want to close the windows when you turn on the exhaust to make it more efficient.

If you don’t, the smells can easily stick to your kitchen walls and the bathroom.

7. Be a considerate neighbor

When you’re staying in a place like a condo or an apartment, your roommate (if you have one) isn’t the only one you have to be considerate of during your stay. You also need to be kind to your neighbors.

You’re going to encounter all types of neighbors in the condo. That’s why you need to learn to adapt in some cases.

However, most of the time, if you aren’t a nuisance, neighbors should hardly complain about you.


Living in a condo can be simple if you prepare for it before committing to it first.

From reducing your costs to having a high quality of life, all the tips listed above will depend on your initiative. That’s why you need to have some level of self-reliance to enjoy your stay in a condo.

With the help of these tips, you should have a good time in your college years while living in the condo. Just remember that it all boils down to being nice to yourself and others.

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