The 5 Cost Factors For Your Custom T-Shirt Order

One of a kind


T-shirts are a kind of clothing that is a must in everyone’s wardrobe. It is apparel that is liked by everyone despite their age and gender. And, it’s utility cannot be neglected. It is needed for a variety of purposes, let’s just say countless, from your gym wear to sleepwear, from casual office wear to a perfect day out wear with your family, from your cool and quirky shopping wear to your comfortable flight wear and the list goes on. Told you, it’s utilities are countless.

Hello Fashion!

If we talk about the fashion world, it has been there for ages and made its place and is still standing tall. You can never go unnoticed by wearing a simple plain white t-shirt with your denim and favourite pair of sneakers. Simple yet classy! And, if you want to stand out, just accessorize yourself a bit and TA-DA! You are good to go without even putting much effort.

I have seen it all

It is rightly said that t-shirts are the clothing that can never be outdated. They have been there ages ago and they are still ruling the fashion industry and it has evolved its style since then. Talk about the custom t-shirts, they weren’t a thing 10-15 years ago, but see how it evolved and gave a new definition to the fashion of cool and quirky clothing.

When talking about everyone’s HOT favourite, let’s find out what are the cost factors for your well liked custom t-shirt order.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump in!

What affects it’s price?

  • Type of apparel

Type of cloth material is one of the important factors for deciding the cost of your custom tees. Some of the preferable materials for custom t-shirt printing are cotton, polyester, polyester cotton blend, linen, Tri-Blends and many more. Among all of these, one of the most common materials is cotton, “King of all fabrics”.

The outcome of your design also depends a ton on the fabric of the t-shirt. Prints look a lot  better on cotton based garments. Moreover, it’s necessary to make sure you are not compromising on the quality of the material, after all quality matters and nobody wants their favorite t-shirt to wear off after just a few washes.

You may need to invest a little extra for using a fine quality cloth but it will last long and you can give the assurance of a good quality to your customer.

  • T-Shirt Printing metho

There are a variety of printing methods available, such as: DTG printing, Screen printing, Heat transfer printing, Dye-sublimation printing, CAD-Cut heat transfer vinyl printing and some more.

One of the most cost-effective for small batches of  printed t-shirts is DTG printing but for large batches of t-shirts, more time would be required and the printer can only have the capacity to handle one t-shirt at a time and this would  result in high prices. Thus DTG printing fails to offer bulk savings the way that the most well known “screen printing” method does.

There are also online printing tools available in the market that can make your t-shirt printing hassle free and seamless. Designhill has a custom t-shirt printing tool that offers a variety of colors for printing even a single piece of t-shirt and it uses Kornit digital printers for printing.

  • The number of print locations

It depends how many print locations you prefer, if you want one print location then your print would be on the front side of the t-shirt or if you want two locations it would be both on front and back side of the t-shirt.

The cost of printing depends on the number of print locations. It’s a good idea to stick to one side if you want to minimize the cost.

  • The color of fabric

The color of fabric plays a major role in determining your cost. No doubt it looks striking and gorgeous to be printed a photo realistic image on a dark background but DTG printing on a dark color fabric could be a little tricky. However with proper skill and practice it can be achieved perfectly.

Also, it’s a bit costly to print on dark colored fabric than a lighter one as it needs an extra layer of white ink to print a design in a dark background. If you use white fabric instead of a dark one, that extra layer won’t be required and it could save you bucks.

  • The numbers of colors in your design and order quantity.

It’s a very simple calculation; we are quite aware of it that more colors means more money and less colors would cost less.

Using different colors may look very lively and colorful but since it is required to prepare and print each color individually, it may cost you a lot. It’s preferable if you print a design that requires less color but make sure to give it a beautiful contrast to make it look appealing even with less shades.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s always profitable to increase your order quantity as an order in bulk could reduce your cost per piece.

Now when you are all aware of those extra details about pricing, go get set designing and save your hard earned money with these tips and tricks.

Keep designing and save money.

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