Buying Burial Insurance with Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Burial insurance can take the weight off your chest when it comes to worrying about your beneficiaries bearing the burden of your funeral expenses. With this insurance, you can make arrangements for your burial and funeral. The insurance pay will cover the burial costs, and you won’t have to depend on your beneficiaries for anything. Many senior citizens today are opting for this insurance as it gives them the freedom to choose.

However, while getting approved for this insurance is reasonably straightforward for regular senior citizens, what about those who have pre-existing medical issues? You can find out more about these policies by checking the info by Gary P. Cubeta from Insurance for final expenses to know about companies like Gerber burial insurance.


Can Those With Pre-Existing Medical Issues Qualify for Burial Insurance?

The answer is yes.

Many insurance providers will provide you with insurance, even if you have a pre-existing health issue. The reason is relatively simple. Burial insurance, or final expense insurance, is mostly meant for senior citizens. There are very few older adults who are not afflicted by health concerns. Hence, seniors with or without medical issues qualify for burial insurance. If they do not sell their insurance to such purchasers, they will hardly be left with any buyers at all.


Why Is It Easy To Qualify for Burial Insurance?

Almost anyone can qualify for burial insurance because, unlike life insurance, there are no significant questions asked about your health. The insurance provider will ask you specific basic questions regarding your health and lifestyle, but it will not stand in the way of getting approved for the insurance.

Unlike life insurance, the burial insurance purchaser does not have to go through any medical examinations. Many senior citizens are opting for this insurance for this very reason. They do not wish to make another trip to the hospital and go through routines of examinations all over again. In case you have a high-risk disease or are in a critical stage, you might have to pay a higher premium. But you will rarely be rejected from buying the insurance.


Do All Insurance Providers Have the Same Criteria When It Comes To Diseases?

No. Not all burial insurance providers have the same approach to illnesses. Some may not consider neuro-degenerative conditions as a significant health risk, but some might. Some might not consider Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s as high-risk conditions but could consider dementia to be so. If the person has cancer, then the insurance provider might raise the premium charges if the cancer is at an advanced stage.

In most cases, until and unless the older adult’s condition is too far gone, most insurance providers will not consider it an impediment to getting insurance. MIB or Medical Information Bureau is in place so that insurance companies might not end up adversely selecting applicants when they underwrite applications. The bureau gets information from the insurance companies based on the information you have disclosed.

However, no matter what your physical condition was in the past and what information they might have, it will not matter when you apply for burial insurance.


What Kind of Illnesses Is Covered by Burial Insurance?  

A person might still be eligible to get burial insurance even if they have pre-existing conditions like diabetes, angina, blindness, amputation, high blood pressure, epilepsy, COPD, among others. In case of progressive heart condition, liver, or kidney failure issues, the insurance provider may ask to see prescriptions and previous test results. In that case, they might have to pay a higher premium, but they will still qualify for the insurance in most cases.

With burial insurance, you can rest easy that your final affairs are also taken care of when you depart from this world. You can look up providers like Gerber for burial insurance. No matter what illnesses you might be suffering from, it allows you to relax and decide how you want to go when it is time.

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