Investing in SaaS Marketing: 5 Reasons You Need it More Than You Think

Technology has undeniably helped us automate some of our tasks and streamline our processes.

No wonder some businesses opt for software as a service (SaaS) to have a smooth-running operation. That’s because it is a cost-effective way of improving your company’s performance.

For instance, you can use a task management app for two reasons:

  1. Track the progress of your projects and campaigns
  2. Make your employees accountable

As a result, you can mitigate risks such as missed deadlines.

On the other hand, having an idea for useful software is all nice and grand. But you are less likely to find a user if no one knows that it exists. This is where SaaS marketing comes in.

What is SaaS Marketing?

SaaS marketing is the process is promoting your software product.

But unlike proprietary software, wherein you buy a license once, a SaaS product is usually offered on a subscription basis. Some famous examples of SaaS are Google Suites, Netflix, Spotify, and Dropbox.

The key to promoting your SaaS product is to focus on the features and value that it can provide to your users.

Why do you think Spotify reiterates that a premium account means unlimited skips and zero ads? That’s because such functionalities allow their users to listen to any music or podcast episode they like.

But there is more to SaaS than that.

If you know your product well, it only makes sense that you should invest in SaaS marketing. Otherwise, how can you promote the following benefits to your target users?

Save Time and Money

Before SaaS solutions came into the picture, integrating new software can be such a hassle.

Even though companies teach their employees how to use them and customize them to their liking, new issues still come up. Updates usually need a lot of effort, and software bugs are relatively common.

As a result, companies need to wait for specialists for software companies to visit them.

SaaS eliminates this hassle. Not only will well-designed software be easy to use, but updates are barely noticeable for the user.

In the same way, errors are just one of the many things you can add to the list of things you don’t have to worry about anymore.

Scalability and Growth

Before, the software is one reason companies need to worry about because they grow so fast.

This comes with a lot of challenges, including scalability. To make your business grow, you should invest in the right and cost-effective tools. This often involves purchasing more copies, bringing in new people, and overall, a deep re-organization.

SaaS, meanwhile, will grow with your business. Let’s say your current plan doesn’t cover your requirements anymore. So, you need to select a new one with just a click of a button. Also, everything you need as a rapidly growing company is readily available and still affordable.

More Mobility

Another great benefit of SaaS that’s often overlooked and sometimes undervalued is mobility.

Because of the pandemic, normal office operations were affected. As a result, many understood the power of attribute mobility.

As long as you have a stable internet connection, SaaS deployment can be a breeze. That’s because your employees can easily access data and software tools anywhere from the device of their choice.

There’s also no need to install software or access a virtual private network.

That’s why the benefits of SaaS are highly crucial to companies who wanted to stay efficient and productive despite the pandemic.

It’s also vital for companies who wanted to have a more flexible and distributed workforce in the future.

Brand Awareness

SaaS brands need to raise their awareness by sharing their USP into several channels.

Since tens of thousands of SaaS companies out there, there’s always competition with different niches.

Because you can have plenty of options, it can be a bit confusing for some buyers. That’s why marketers need to build brand awareness to help their company stand out from the rest of the pack.

Lead Generation

At Voy Media Saas Marketing Agency, one of our objectives is lead generation. That’s because SaaS innovation, development, and deployment can be swift. This can impact how you can nurture and convert a lead into a paying client or customer.

But, of course, an effective lead generation campaign is more than just having a robust SaaS. You need valuable content, a reliable team, and a streamlined process.

Over to You

Let’s face it: Living life these days can be challenging without the help of technology.

If you have a brilliant idea for software, we suggest that you start developing it. You will never know who can benefit from it. And those benefits can include the following:

  1. Save time and money
  2. Scalability and Growth
  3. More Mobility
  4. Brand Awareness
  5. Lead Generation

But more than that, you should also strategize how you will promote it. That way, you can generate a steady stream of users to help your business bottom line prosper.

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