New Emerson blog focuses on top quartile performance

The firms are pushed to improve and continue profitability even when times are most difficult and challenging.

Emerson Users Exchange:

“This is not the time to be pleased with being as good as everybody else,” said Steve Sonnenberg, the president of Emerson process management. In his Monday note address the Emerson global user exchange. Steve stressed the increasing pressure across the process firms to improve and maintain revenue, even in these most difficult and challenging times.

Indeed, Emerson is committed to serving its customers to achieve their aims through continuous development along the key dimensions of energy reliability, safety, and efficiency. But becoming a top quartile performer often needs more than just incremental steps such as the use of an online quartile calculator, Steve said.” they feel a real desire to make appreciable development. It’s not only a change, it’s a transfiguration.”

Turbulent markets top quartile performance:

With energy markets in confusion and riskiness ahead, firms should turn their attentiveness to strategic levers that are entirely within their hand. That’s why Emerson has introduced its Top Quartile Performance initiative with an online quartile calculator, an attempt to assist the firms to achieve performance within the top 30 percent of their peers in areas like energy management, construction project, and operational reliability. Operators who achieve the top quartile of their peers in these programs are also positioned to move effectively and quickly to navigate a volatile energy market.


Emerson is assisting forward-looking firms to realize important increments in operational performance, from greater effectiveness and more dependable safety. Industrial facilities and large plants may have dozens of energy sources of inefficiency. By focusing on plant reliability, for instance, process industries could save up to $50 billion in wasted preservation alone — plus over $12 billion in energy worth, even at today’s prices. That money would go to the bottom line. ​


Top Quartile performers in working reliability see continuation costs that are 4x less than those operating in the little quartile. Tool failure, the most common cause of unplanned downtime, can affect repair, lavish maintenance, and equipment replacement. Top Quartile companies enjoy more than 15% greater production with quartile calculators and the availability of their resources over fourth quartile performers. Besides, outdated technology and maintenance procedures may expose staff to greater safety risks.

Emerson works with clients to build more proactive and predictive maintenance operations, using our latest automation technologies and predictive data analysis with a quartile calculator to identify potential problems before they become real issues. Just as importantly, we assist the clients to update their processes to relieve them from acting upon their predictive data efficiently.

The Business Case for Digital Transformation:

What comes to mind when you listen to the term of digital transformation? For me, it is an updated and essential approach to doing business, helped by technology to optimize production, solve problems, and increase reliability safety. It is the chance to realize Top Quartile performance.

This may sound complex, but in reality, it doesn’t have to be. Digital transformation is simply placing smart, connected technology and the stats it gives, in the hands of individuals, enabling them to be well organized and have an ever-increasing influence from their work.

So, what does digital transformation look like? While the reply will be different for each firm, there are common themes that show successful business results. They begin with a clear business case, have a plan with the latest technologies selected to address particular challenges, and carefully examine individuals in their digital transformation programs.

As an industry captain, Emerson’s decades of involvement uniquely position us to assist clients on their particular journeys. That’s the main reason why we start our new Digital Transformation business with a quartile calculator. This dedicated firm combines our expertise in data management, smart sensors, analytics, and secure communications, consulting, and project execution, all sections of Emerson’s digital ecosystem, to bring digital transformation achievements to the industries we serve.

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