Lucrative Ways to Make Money from Photography

Photography is a creative and lucrative skill. Most people that engage in photography are passionate about it. There are several ways to make money from photography. Sadly, only a few have discovered and explored these ways. 

Are you looking to make more money with photography? Or are you a skilled photographer confused about how to make money with the skill? Here you go! This guide provides credible and valuable ideas for photographers to make money from their skills. 

Online Photo Galleries 

The world is fast becoming a digital village. Most trades and businesses are moving their market from offline to secure an online presence. This massive shift does not exclude the photography trade. 

An online photo gallery allows you to upload your images. You can achieve multiple goals by uploading your pictures to online photo galleries. First off, you get to showcase your photography skills and talents. Also, you will get to put them up for sale. 

There are several ways you can make money from online photo galleries. You can either create a gallery for yourself to showcase and sell your images. Online gallery like ElephantStock allow you to partner. Here you can sell your art image and offer a commission on them. 

Cover Events 

Several events are happening in various locations around you. Covering these events is one of the sure ways to make money from photography. Although the amount of work, stress, and research you need for this niche is immense, it is worth the stress. 

Sell Images on Stock Websites

There are several stock websites online that accept images from photographers and sell them. You can either wait for clients to find your images before selling to them or sell directly to the stock websites. 

All you need to do is submit your images to appealing stock websites. You can also add phrases and keywords to make it easy for people to find your images. 

Teach Photography 

Teaching photography is another sure way of making money with your skill. You can get students both online and offline. Physical students can even work as apprentices to help you make more money. Besides, they will pay for the knowledge they get from you. 

For online classes, you can explore various platforms like YouTube and Zoom to teach paid classes online. Besides, you can also write e-books that teach photography and sell them.

Enter Photography Competitions

There are hundreds of photography competitions happening around the world at every point. Most of these competitions come with handsome rewards for winners and those with notable positions. 

You can join as many competitions as possible if you are confident in your skills. Entering photo contests does not cost much. And even if you don’t win the contest, it will still help you get your work out there. It can also offer you a platform for bigger earnings. 


Photography is a very lucrative skill. Most individuals involved are passionate about photography and end up transforming it into their profession. You can make a fortune from this profession when you know the right opportunities to explore. 

The list above offers some of the best ways to make money from photography. There are some other options as well. Make sure you explore! 

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