7 Strategies to Take Your Fundraising to the Next Level

If you are looking for additional funding for your non-profit organization or charity groups, starting a fundraising event is a good way to get the support you need. It is also a way to meet with your supporters and make meaningful connections for the organization.

However, starting an event is not easy regardless of the size of the event. You need to properly plan and execute the details in order to make the event a smooth sailing one. Here are strategies to help you make a successful fundraising event.


It is vital to set your expectations right. Knowing your goals and reasons behind fundraising will help you stay motivated and positive. Fundraising is not a walk in a park. It takes time to raise money, and you can question yourself and be doubtful when you feel like the goal is not met. Setting your expectations will keep you going for a long time.

Get a good team

A good team will make a big difference. So, the first step in taking your fundraising event to the next level is to come up with a good team. Being passionate is not enough in making an event a success. You need people who are excellent in what they do and delegate these tasks appropriately according to their strengths. Reach out to volunteers and ask for their help.

Online Campaign

You can partner your event with an online campaign, opening the opportunity for those who wanted to donate but are not able to join it physically. There are many crowdfunding online that were successful, and yours can be too. The online campaign allows your charity fundraising to reach a bigger audience and attract interested donors.

Improve your pitch

It is important to be able to deliver the organization’s message with clarity. Donors want to know how their money will change lives, improve situations, and have a meaningful impact.

The bigger the fund, the more you need to show them how the organization will create meaningful changes in the world. Improving your pitch will allow the donors to understand where you are coming from and how they know they made the right choice. Your pitch should encourage long-term partnerships.

Find ambassadors

To be able to reach more audiences and improve the “brand awareness” of your charity institution, tapping on the power of influence can help get the boost you need. Find a personality that will fit into the organization’s values and vision.

It would be best if you choose wisely because bad publicity can also affect the partnership. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get in touch with a celebrity. An influential person in your local community can still give the organization the boost it needs for fundraising. If they are willing to help more than giving their good words, allow these ambassadors to participate in activities created by the organization.

Train the team

This is something that many fundraising teams often forgot; training the team, so they will be effective in their respective roles. Once you come up with a good team and identify each of their strengths, allow them to undergo training. To make it simple, categorize the team into three categories: Engagers, connectors, askers, and stewards.

The engagers are the ones who will be responsible for developing relationships, interacting and connecting with people.

For connectors they will make use of available networks and create important connections.

The askers are individuals who understand timing and are skillful in soliciting support and donations.

Lastly, the stewards nurture relationships with existing donors and establish continuous rapport.

Stay creative

Do not be afraid to explore different types of fundraising ideas with your team. This is particularly true with the existence of the internet, social media, and other phone applications.

You can do a mini-auction through social media or create a fundraising activity utilizing apps such as Patreon, where supporters can give their monthly pledges with ease. You can also give your supporters more options, such as donating for a specific project or sponsoring specific individuals that are under your organization.

Making saleable products such as mugs, t-shirts, or any beautifully handcrafted items and posting them online through a specific website can also boost your funding to the next level. Do not limit yourself; there are many creative ways to boost the funding without you spending too much on logistics or venue.


Fundraising may not be your favorite plan, but it is essential. It is the lifeline of every charity organization because, without funding, you cannot move forward and reach out to society’s needy and vulnerable sectors. Money allows the organization to move forward, bring about a meaningful impact to the society and create that change that, as people, we want to see in our community.


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