7 Unconventional Gift Ideas to Impress Your Business Partners

Buying gifts is stressful for most of us who don’t have a talent for it, and buying something for business partners adds an extra dose of uncertainty. While you can take a regular route and grab gift cards or a gift basket, if you want to be a little more original, here are some more unconventional gifts that will surely impress. 

A branded hydro-flask 

If you know your business partner is a gym enthusiast or an active person, a hydro-flask with your logo is a great gift that will definitely be used. Also, they will have many opportunities to advertise your business at the gym or during any outdoor activity. It’s a personal and thoughtful gift that also shows that your company is concerned with the environment, which is always a good picture to paint. 

Wireless earbuds

Most business people do a lot of commuting and business traveling, so they certainly need new wireless earbuds to keep them company during long flights and drives. These are also great for communication on the go since they keep your hands free and your suit looking tidy thanks to the lack of wires. To make your gift a little bit more personalized, you can brand the case with your logo to always remind your gift recipient of your present. 

Camping gear

If you talked about how nice it is to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, you can make their dream one step closer to reality by giving your business associate some camping gear. Depending on your relationship, you can go big with a tent or small with some camping cutlery. Somewhere in the middle is a modern switch blade knife that can be used for many activities from preparing the campground to preparing food. Any outdoorsy person will cherish this practical and thoughtful gift. Just make sure to attach a coin to it, so your gift recipient can “buy off” the knife from you in a symbolic exchange and avoid any bad luck. 

Coffee table book

If you’ve visited their office, you probably remember at least a few vague details about it. Assess the interior design style of the space and grab a nice coffee table book to go with the general vibe of the space. You can focus on the business aspect of your relationship and grab a book from your industry or take a personal route with a book that focuses on your partner’s interests. A collection of Annie Leibovitz photographs always hits the mark, though. 


This is a great gift for all busy people who often work surrounded by chaos. Help your business associate keep all their belongings safe and at hand with Tile. This small tracking device can be attached to all necessities like phone, car keys, laptop or wallet, and users can access the app and locate their belongings. For a small personal touch, you can have your business logo placed on the device or opt for a design that fits your gift recipient’s aesthetics. 

Something for their pet

Pet owners always appreciate a gift that will make their furry friends happier, healthier and more comfortable, so feel free to buy something that caters to pets. There are practical box subscriptions that surprise your gift recipient and their pets with toys, treats, clothing items and other fun things every month. What makes this gift special is the fact that it gets delivered right to their doorstep and it makes for a nice little surprise that keeps coming every month (you can choose the length of subscription). If possible, include a card with a message with your box to make it a little more personal. 

Online classes

If both you and your business partners still have a lot to learn when it comes to your industry, you can provide them with a gift of learning and book them an online class. You’ve probably talked about strengthening your coding, marketing or public relations skills, so find a class that deals with these subjects. Or you can cater to their hobbies and book a photography class or a baking seminar. 

All of these gifts are not only practical but also very thoughtful. Your business partners will appreciate your engagement and your attention to details that went into buying these presents. Expect your relationship to remain strong and full of mutual support and loyalty. 

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