Rwazi Aids Global Organizations With Prrimary Research Tool for the African Continent

When you own a company, you need to do two types of research when trying to have an in-depth analysis of your target audience; primary and secondary. While both are necessary, primary research still reigns supreme because it gives you the ability to be directly involved in the data collection process. This means that rather than depending on data that already exists for a specific market, the company and its research team can gather relevant data samples firsthand. With this research approach, your company has complete control over the data you obtain, and the data is fundamentally tailored to solve a particular problem. Additionally, with first-hand information, the data can be considered more valid and authentic in a research environment.


Of course, like everything in life, there are pros and cons to primary research. One of the essential advantages of primary research is that the data obtained is collected firsthand. Along with that, you can personalize the research method can be to suit your specific requirements and needs. Secondly, primary research generally focuses on the main problem at hand, which means that the attention put into it is directed to finding probable solutions to a specific subject matter. It allows researchers to go more in-depth about a topic and study all answers.


Additionally, primary research provides companies with the means to control how data is collected and used. Whichever business is collecting the data can decide how to make the best use of the information obtained to gain meaningful insights. Last but not least, primary research is a time-tested method, which means that one can rely on the results that are received.


Nevertheless, primary research can be pretty expensive, even for established brands. Depending on the setup or primary research method used, it could require a company to spend quite a large sum of money that they may not have. Secondly, it can be very time-consuming. The exhaustive process of conducting interviews, sending and receiving online surveys, can require a lot of time and patience. Likewise, evaluating the results and applying the findings to improve a product or service takes additional time. Finally, using one primary research method may not be enough. With more research methods, a brand also needs more time and money to conduct the research.


Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages that go into research, all research is conducted with a purpose. Primary research is the best way for businesses to stay informed about ever-changing market conditions and consumer perception. Since excellent customer satisfaction has become a key goal for many companies, this research method has become a great way to collect data and analyze it to draw informed conclusions. By using this information, organizations can make informed decisions based on real-data insights.


There are quite a few different types of methods to conduct primary research. Exploratory research is used to investigate a topic and gather more insight into it. It is designed to help researchers understand an existing problem while also highlighting different aspects of the problem that need further investigation. Usually, this type of research is used at the early stages of a systematic examination and can also be known as the grounded theory or interpretation research. The process generally begins with a researcher identifying a problem and then creating a hypothesis to start a descriptive investigation and gain better insight. Exploratory research is outstanding because it is supposed to be flexible as well as cost-effective. However, it can be very susceptible to bias and should only be used for a small amount of data.


The next type of primary research is experimental. With experimental research, researchers attempt to trigger a change in an independent variable and then measure the effect of the dependent variable’s effect through quantitative research. It is usually observed and recorded over some time so that the conclusions achieved are unbiased. Finally, ethnographic research is the type of research that requires a researcher to monitor variables as they interact with their natural environment. It is used in various fields and is extremely useful in complex contexts like market and customer settings and preliminary stages of user-focused research.


Rwazi is a data services company that is dedicated to helping businesses around the world collect and analyze on-ground data from African countries. They provide organizations with new on-ground data on products, services, and activities from the African continent by utilizing a network of mappers and data collectors spread across urban and rural areas in Africa. While the company is based in Mauritius, Rwazi serves customers across the globe in different industries, including healthcare, consumer goods, automotive, education, finance, agriculture, energy, transport, and media.


The team behind Rwazi understands that organizations need near real-time, on-ground data to make effective decisions on activities such as expansion, investments, distribution, new product/service offerings, and reach target beneficiaries. For this reason, they’ve developed a network of 5,000+ mappers are spread across cities, municipalities, towns, and villages in 40 African countries. This network is expected to reach 50,000+ mappers by the end of the year.


Customers can utilize the Rwazi network to gain data from target areas and personas. Given the travel limitations that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, organizations can execute on-ground activities even in the regions that are difficult to reach.


Currently, Rwazi is the first and only company in the world with a large and growing network of mappers spread all over sub-Saharan Africa. They want to help organizations get the data they need to make informed decisions, in addition to helping millions of young people in Africa who need more opportunities to earn an income.


For more information about Rwazi’s data services and their platform, check out their social media platforms.






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