5 Ways Amazon Web Services (AWS) Can Help Your Business

Every business needs to grow. Otherwise, the moment will soon arrive when it will be left behind by competitors. That is why it’s important to keep up with all relevant trends in the industry you’re involved in and use every novelty to help you expand your business. One such tool, which has been around for quite a while now, is Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud platform offered by Amazon.com Inc. If you’re still not using it, you might be missing out on many benefits to your business. Here are just some of the ways in which AWS can help your company strive.

Cutting down web hosting cost

Amazon web service offers cloud web hosting, which means you can scale your business and support it with a fully controlled website, which is easy to launch and use for a very affordable price. Regardless of whether you deal with e-commerce or not, your enterprise needs reliable web hosting. With AWS you have a range of CMS options, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, et. Also, you can use software development kits for platforms like Java, PHP, .NET, and others. Your website can be hosted anywhere in the world thanks to the wide base datacenters of Amazon. Finally, you don’t need to sign any long-term contracts and you can pay only for the resources you need, making this deal very cost-effective.

Boosting your storage

There is almost no business that doesn’t require a lot of storage for heavy files and data and the need for more storage has been growing exponentially. The powerful AWS allows you to make your storage stronger with Amazon S3, which allows any company to store their data of any amount. There are user-friendly features that can help you manage and organize your data in line with your expectations and requirements. Also, you can scale the storage resources up and down as per the demands, which means you can enjoy a cost-effective storage facility without compromising on performance.

Remote working solutions  

The COVID19 pandemic has showed us how important remote working is and its importance is likely to grow in the future. We have also seen that some companies were caught completely off-guard when all the lockdowns were introduced. That is why forward-thinking entrepreneurs are considering solutions, such as AWS, which offer a remote working option as a service. Its solution allows employees to work remotely from any location by providing AWS that can quickly, securely and cost-effectively set up the remote work, as well as provide specialized solutions for contract center agents and creative professionals.

Among the benefits offered, we should mention the fact that it saves times during disruptions by quickly setting up employees on AWS cloud without spending extra financial or time resources. Needless to say, security remains the key priority and AWS clouds is designed to meet all the security requirements.

Simplifying online sales

The name Amazon is a synonym for online purchases, so it’s only logical that AWS offers e-commerce cloud computing solutions for your business. One of the many benefits of Amazon Web Services is that it also offers great security to your company and holds many third-party certifications to keep your data safe and secure. Finally, the content is delivered to the customers without making them wait too much.

Security and reliability

A lot of emphasis is placed on security and reliability in today’s business world and rightly so. While a company can host its own website and storage, AWS provides more security. It currently boasts dozens of data centers across the globe which are continuously monitored and strictly maintained. The fact that the data centers are diversified ensures that if a disaster strikes one region, it doesn’t cause permanent data loss worldwide. Also, localizing data in an easily identifiable location and where hundreds of people can realistically obtain access is unwise.

On the other hand, AWS has been trying to keep its data centers as hidden as possible, locating them in out-of-the-way locations and allowing access only on an essential basis. All the data found in the data centers are quite safe from intrusions and you can rely on Amazon’s experience in cloud service to quickly identify and remedy any potential attacks. Can you imagine a small company whose computing is handled by a single IT specialist providing the same kind of protection, reliability and expertise? The answer is most certainly negative.


These are just some of the ways in which integrating AWS can help your business grow. All the services on offer are provided by the same company that has forever changed the way the world shops. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the price of these cloud services is extremely affordable, which means all these services and products are available to large and small businesses alike. So, why wouldn’t your company join this global family and start reaping the benefits?

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