Productivity Hacks for A Remote Work Team

Remote working has become a rising trend worldwide, and teams utilize the division of workload. Tools like itrezzo make the team even more productive.

Due to the saving time and cost that a remote worker offers, productivity should outstand in-office workers.

With so many advantages that remote working offers, it’s not quite always that easy.

Here’s why constant distractions, mix-ups, the desire to take more than necessary breaks, and quite a lot more can negatively affect a worker’s productivity when remote working It done the wrong way.

Those setbacks are not the failures of remote working; instead, they are the failures of proper planning by the worker. If done correctly, remote working increases the productivity of the worker and helps the company grow.

Here’s a list of things every worker can do to increase productivity while working remotely with a team.

1. Build a human-to-human connection

Connection building is to be executed by the managers. People are simply the main sauce in remote working. After all, remote working involves different people working from a different location but as a team. And so, to do remote working work for the team, the manager would have to increase their productivity through human-to-human connection first, rather than simply giving out series of tools and instructions for the work process.

For more human connection, the manager should consider the following.

  • Activities in which workers of the team could know each other. Knowing each other will build their get-togetherness and increase connection among the group.
  • Avenues for discussion of personal issues they might want to share with other members. Connection helps bring out the human side of every worker, and it ultimately increases their productivity to be better.

Every business that wants to grow as a team can’t afford to leave out the human connection of its team.

Special occasions could be created, such as workers’ birthday acknowledgments, work highlights of each worker, and special anniversaries. This connection helps the team bond and build a family culture that is essential for the group’s productivity.

2. Start Early

Being a remote worker comes with its piece of laziness, which emanates from the luxury of not being under any physician supervision.

As a remote worker, you might always feel the need to get other chores completed before starting the day’s work, and this might not exactly be effective.

You must prioritize your work first and start early, immediately after you get up from bed. You could take about 4 to 5 hours working on the most significant task.

After the completed hours, you can get on with your other day’s task before returning to the teamwork.

The best way to go about this is to create a to-do list that you get to follow all through the day strictly. In it, you’d want to prioritize the most significant task first (usually done within 3 to 4 hours), then other smaller jobs could come in and be done at a slower pace.

In summary, you need to start early and with the most significant task.

3. Meetings

The business meeting is excellent, and every company which seeks growth sure does know how important they are to the company. But more often than not, these meetings could become more frequent and too prolonged, reducing the production time the workers should spend on work done.

As a remote worker, it becomes even more unnecessary as the team members get into prolonged meetings frequently.

The managers must take the necessary steps to ensure that business meetings among the team get to the barest minimum and the time spent on each session.

With fewer meetings, workers get more productive work hours.

Instead of frequent mini-meetings during the day, information should be via emails, and every worker should be mandated to have the company exchange shared calendar. Workers would become more focused and get more work done rather than attend unnecessary meetings within a day.

With fewer meetings, the productivity of the team will increase, and the team achieves more.

4. Balance work and personal life

Workers can only give their best when their mental and physical health is top-notch. Therefore, trying to work hours nonstop without breaks could be unhealthy and lead to low productivity. Taking breaks in between will do a worker a lot of good in increasing their productivity.

As a remote worker, you should create a balance between your work life and your personal life. The following should be of help;

  • Taking needed breaks to refresh your brains and physical body.
  • Grow excellent connections with your family and friends through any activities that bring you together.
  • Building a vast social support system by networking with other people.

Managers must do more in making sure the workers get more personal time to refresh. Good rest isn’t only great for their overall health, but it also increases their productivity to the company work.

5. Reduce distractions

Being a remote worker comes with a lot of distractions which tends to lower the worker’s productivity.

It just gets worse from getting messages from your WhatsApp group members to bring your pets in your workspace.

As a remote worker, you should avoid such distractions by doing the following:

  • Setting boundaries within your workspace from family and pets.
  • Situating your workspace in a place with minor disturbance.
  • Seeing to your to-do list before the next working day.
  • Get the company exchange shared calendar installed on your phone.

This way, you become less distracted and increase productivity.


Being a remote worker comes with a lot of advantages that it gives to each worker. But more often than not, it could become less productive when the worker has to deal with the various obstacles that come along with it.

The above hacks should help the team overcome such obstacles, and one great tool that will help each worker is the shared calendar for keeping up with the company agendas.

With this, productivity is sure to be increased for the growth of the company. 

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