3 Popular Software Testing Trends of 2021

Software testing plays an imperative role in enhancing the quality of any software, website or app. Technology oriented companies are contacting software testing companies so that their software could get tested on a daily basis.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting you with the list of latest software testing trends.

1.  Increased Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Testing

Manual testing is not effective and it should not be considered while dealing with considerable microservices-based capacities. Companies always target for complete code coverage while testing their capacities. On the contrary, attaining complete code coverage is a very tedious task. As the size of the project increases, the requirement of testing also grows. Unfortunately, if the organization is just a little late detecting the bugs, it will increase the burden on quality assurance teams. This is because; they will have to take care of the huge backlog.

This is the point where AI comes to help. It will assist to develop tests that perform for your use cases. Machine learning can be utilized to comprehend code and to offer effective test cases and predicted results. This will assist to provide maximum code coverage. As a result, organizations will be allowed to publish their codes without any resistance.

Another important benefit of ML and AI is that it eliminates bugs without any postponement due to regression testing. It is the detailed testing of new code vs. old code. This will guarantee that the functionalities are performing in the way they should be. Nevertheless, regression testing for various releases is very tedious and time consuming. This leads to delays in the releases. AI will assist with performing automated tests, which is based on machine learning based priority. This will also assist to save time. Therefore, in less time you will be able to make more releases.

2. No Requirement For Script While Testing

Testing budget is set very high for any project. The cost of unproductive testing is much higher than your projects budget. This has been established earlier that test is a very time consuming process. However, it is completely another issue when it comes to writing scripts for platform-agnostic and complicated workloads. With the assistance of microservices testers can write test cases for different services that may be written in various coding languages. Most of the time QA team members know very less regarding coding the languages and platforms. So, how do you guarantee that testing is performed in an efficient manner?

Therefore, scriptless testing assists to increase the pressure on the quality assurance teams and permits them to develop tests without needing deep knowledge of various platforms and programming languages. You just need to define the steps involved in testing. The fundamental testing scripts developed by these are clean and totally inattentive from the testers. These scripts can be used again which helps them to save costs, time and effort.

3.  DevTestOps

This process has made quality assurance teams an integral part of the software development lifecycle. All three teams work under collaboration to attain continuous deployment, continuous testing and continuous integration. When testing is performed at an earlier stage the bugs are identified more easily and quickly resolved by the development team prior to deployment. Therefore, DevSecOps testers alone are not responsible for testing. Operations and developers teams are also expected to test on the daily basis. In this manner, defects and bugs can be detected prior to moving to the next step in the software development lifecycle. Testers can cover huge scope and they can perform integration testing, unit testing and API testing with the regression testing.


After viewing the discussion above, it can be said that the top software testing companies must keep these trends under consideration to stay ahead of their time and provide latest and upgraded services.



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