What is an SPV and How Can It Help Your Business?

An SPV is a Special Purpose Vehicle that can help businesses finance their operations. An SPV is used to isolate different parts of the business for tax purposes. It’s also often used when one company wants to invest in another company without becoming liable for its debts. In this post, we’re going over what an SPV is and how it can be beneficial for your business. 

The first thing to know about an SPV is that it’s a separate legal entity from the business owner or any other company involved. An SPV has its financials, assets, liabilities and can even issue bonds if needed. An SPV needs to be completely independent. Because otherwise the debts of one company could become attached to another business or person which would not be ideal. The point of creating an SPV is often to isolate certain parts of your business. So you don’t have liability issues with entities outside this special purpose vehicle. 


Minimize Risk 

An SPV can also be used to minimize risk, especially for investors. This is because an SPV offers the opportunity to invest in a specific project. Which might otherwise not have been possible with other types of investment firms. After all, it provides more security than general equity stocks or bonds would. SPVs are domiciled in offshore financial centers. Such as Bermuda and Luxembourg. Where there are minimal reporting requirements for businesses set up within these jurisdictions. 

Talking about what type of businesses use these types of vehicles, they are common in real estate investment. Situations where risk needs protecting against inflation or depreciation. Since property values tend to go up over time and SPV can be a way to protect yourself from this risk. A lot of businesses also use them when they want to bring in outside investors. Without becoming liable for their debts, which is another common reason these vehicles are created. 

One of the most common examples of this is when an investment firm wants to invest in a company. But not become liable for any debts it has. To protect their interests they create an SPV. Which serves as another entity that owns part or all the business. So if anything goes wrong with it, its losses fall on the Assure SPV services finances and assets instead. This protects them from taking over liabilities outside what they wanted to get involved with by investing in your business. So even though you may be raising capital through selling equity shares, you don’t have to worry about putting investors at risk. Since everything falls under one special purpose vehicle’s name. 

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Outside Investors  

Another common reason businesses use them is when they want to bring in outside investors. Without becoming liable for their, which is why these types of vehicles are created. A lot of businesses also use them to protect themselves from inflation or depreciation risks. Because property values tend to go up over time and an SPV can be a way to protect yourself from this risk. 

They are common in real estate investment situations where there is usually more than one involved. An SPV has its financials, assets, liabilities. And can even issue bonds if needed so it’s important for the vehicle to be completely independent. 

Talking about what type of business uses these types of vehicles, they’re often found in real estate. Investing transactions when you want to bring in outside investors. Without becoming liable for their debts which is another reason why these vehicles are created. 

An SPV Increases efficiency throughout a firm’s various divisions. As all business interests are managed by one single entity designed. For each subsidiary’s needs instead of dealing with separate companies. Which would result in added cost and layers of management. 


Final Thoughts 

It’s important to remember that SPVs can be independent or they can have investors who are liable for the debts of their business. As far as legal documentation goes, it may vary depending on what type of investments you’re trying to make. But most important an SPV is usually created because you want outside parties. Like creditors and shareholders to bear certain risks legally without exposing them. Directly to all your other assets which would not be ideal. An SPV also offers many benefits when it comes to minimizing risks and increasing efficiency for a business. However, this structure has a hefty price tag. Since asset protection through holding companies involves high legal fees. 


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