6 Medical Jobs You Can Get With an Associate Degree

If you are interested in working in the healthcare field and you want to hold an associate’s degree, there are plenty of opportunities for you. Careers in the healthcare field are growing each year. You will get to have a rewarding career, top-notch wages, and the knowledge that you are helping people. Below are five great careers that you can get with an associate degree. 

1. Medical Billing Services 

If you love working on a computer, you should check out a career in medical billing services. You can work for a hospital or other healthcare facility, and even a doctor’s office. Some people with a degree in medical billing services will work from home. You can easily do this job with a two-year degree. During your time getting the degree, you will learn medical billing terms and how to properly use the technology to bill patients and their insurance companies. If you are interested in a job of this nature, look for Rhode Island medical billing services education at your local colleges and online colleges. 


2. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 

The health worker
The medical worker is in front of the ultrasound device

A diagnostic medical sonographer will use an ultrasound machine to detect illness and other issues. When there is a medical problem, a sonographer will be called in to do an ultrasound. For example, if a person is experiencing pain in their stomach, an ultrasound will be ordered to see what the issue is. If you wish to be a sonographer, you can easily do this with an associate’s degree in the field. You will also need certifications depending on what type of ultrasounds you will be doing. This type of work is ranked as one of the best healthcare jobs that you can get. 

3. Physical Therapist Assistant 

A physical therapist assistant may also be called a PTA. They help therapists work with patients that are recovering from an accident or illness. They can help to set up therapy equipment and can provide routine care. If you wish to be a physical therapist assistant, you will need an associate degree. You have to be licensed in all states, and you will need to pass the National Physical Therapy Exam for a physical therapist assistant. 

4. Surgical Technologist 

A medical technician assists the surgeons in the operation

A surgical technologist will work right along with the surgeon in the operating room while surgeries are going on. Their job is to calibrate equipment, cleaning the operating room, stocking the operating room, communicating with the patient, handing instruments to the surgeon, and taking the patient to the surgical room and back to their regular room after recovery. You will have to go through an associate program, and it is helpful if you obtain certifications. This is one of the most popular healthcare jobs for people with an associate degree. 

5. Licensed Practice Nurse 

Another great career choice for an associate degree is to become a licensed practical nurse, also known as an LPN. A licensed practical nurse will work under doctors and registered nurses and provide care to patients. Their duties include things like administering shots, taking a medical history, taking vital signs, communicating with both the patient and their families, dressing wounds, and helping patients with their everyday activities. A licensed practical nurse is required to have an associate degree and pass licensing. The exam is known as the NCLEX-PN exam. 

6. Dietetic Technician  

To get an entry-level position as a dietician (usually as a dietetic technician or a dietetic assistant) you will need to complete an associate of science in dietetic technology. There are many places that need the assistant of a dietetic technician so there is no shortage of jobs. Once you have completed a dietetic technician training program and have completed 450 hours of supervised hands-on experience in the field you can apply to become a registered dietetic technician. This will open up even more job opportunities.  


How To Get Started 

When you decide which healthcare field that you want to go into, you can then look at your local colleges to see what they offer. If they do not offer the associate degree you are looking for, you can go online. There are many online colleges that can help you to achieve your dreams. However, you will want to research the college well and ensure that it is fully accredited. If the college is not fully accredited, you will not get an associate degree in that field, nor will you get to be employed. Take your time and find the right fit for both your needs and your budget. 

  A career in healthcare is rewarding, and there are endless possibilities. Sit down and determine which healthcare field is for you and then start your journey towards getting an associate degree in that field of work. 


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