5 Steps To Run Amazing Webinars For Your Business

Webinars have been around some time (you’ve probably attended a fair amount in the past few years! ). However, with the exponential growth in the popularity of video-based marketing, it’s worth looking into this format again and making an effort to integrate webinars into your marketing toolkit for digital. Here are some suggestions from our team of digital marketing strategists.

What are Webinars?

These are web-based seminars held by an individual or a company that takes workshops, Q&A sessions, lectures, or presentations and are hosted online via WebinarJam, GoToWebinar, or any other online webinar platforms. They are usually interactive, but most webinars are recorded and distributed or hosted to viewers who cannot participate live.

Contrary to Facebook Live occasions, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and TikToks webinars typically provide professional content targeted explicitly towards specific individuals in the industry, those who work in a particular area or job within their field and usually obtain experience in their methods.

Why Should Your Business Start Hosting Webinars?

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The primary reason to host webinars is that it offers you the chance to train and motivate high-value leads within your industry by utilizing an engaging and professional process.

Rather than promoting fun or catchy engagement with everyday consumers, webinars are also well-suited for professional relationship-building. As with all marketing tools, digital webinars help you get your name visible to the world, generating recognition and helping you establish an image for your company. 

It also helps build authority as an industry leader or specialist and share critical insights on new developments, regulations, consumer behaviors, products, or industry issues.

Webinars also benefit you because they allow you to create a list of prospects with high value in your database. It is because everyone must sign for the webinar and take part in the event. 

These leads are those that your company needs as they’re interested in the services you have to offer and are eager to learn more about it and want to determine if you could utilize it in their company.

You can also utilize Webinars to educate employees, onboard new customers, or assist with launch events for new products. These uses are helpful and suitable for remote work environments.

How to Run a Successful Webinar

It’s a learning curve; however, getting your webinar to be perfect is simpler than you imagine!


Choosing your webinar topic is the first step of running an effective webinar. Here are the steps to follow while choosing the topic of your webinar.

  1. Select an issue that has the specific goals of your company (growing an email list of leads or selling a product to teach employees or employees, etc.) and meets a need within your target audience.
  2. Be relevant, informative, and relevant.
  3. Ensure that the description and title are simple so that the reader can understand what they’re signing for quickly.

Teamwork for presentation 

The best presenter is the most critical factor during webinars! You’ll need someone knowledgeable about the subject in-depth and comfortable public speaking, has a little charisma, and can handle anxiety effectively. 

Also, it would help if you had some assistants to address simple questions and administrative concerns while the presenter is in charge of the most critical situations directly and taking care of the technical aspects of things.


Just like every presentation, you must take the time to organize your content so that it is well-organized, covers all essential points, is entertaining, and keeps people watching to the close. 

Webinars typically last between 20 and 40 minutes long. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have enough material and a straightforward narrative to fit in your time. 

Make sure to leave the sales pitch until the end of the webinar – you want your presentation to be informative and 80% of the time 20 percent sales.

Prepare your space

Select the location with no outside noise or distraction, a good sound system, and the proper configuration to meet the technical requirements. 

Do a test run to determine what your presentation will look like to viewers so that you can frame it properly and ensure that the visuals are correct, and improve your production. It is a good idea to join a webinar yourself and observe how they function.

Plan and promote the webinar

Once you have successfully recorded your webinar, it’s time to do proper planning to promote your webinar. An ideal time to host webcasts is between work hours, and Tuesdays are the most well-known. Pick the most suitable daytime for everyone in your audience, mainly if they are coming from various time zones. 

Business email database providers allow marketers to quickly and effectively build an audience of qualified leads. By providing information such as job titles, contact information, and industry verticals in their searchable database, they can help marketers find the most suitable contacts for their webinar promotion. Additionally, since many of these providers offer global data coverage, they are a great resource for businesses no matter where they are located – be it Canada, the US, the UK, or elsewhere.

Make sure to announce your webinar before the event to allow people to mark it off on their calendars. Make use of blogs to draw attention to the subject you’re discussing and encourage people to sign up with a particular discount or useful freebies.

You can also distribute an email blast that includes follow-ups regularly and has frequent teasers and mentions on social media. You can also make sure to invest in some paid advertisements.


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