Three Essential Eco-Friendly Additions to a Factory

Factories can do more to reduce their carbon footprint and to impress upon their clients and buyers just how eco-friendly they are trying to be. Now a key differentiator when clients are making contract decisions, your green credentials could end up landing you your next big deal. So make the following changes to your facility, in three key areas, to stand the best chance of being seen as an eco-friendly firm. And, of course, you really will be saving the planet while saving your firm money too.


Renewable Power

Factories absolutely guzzle electricity. Because there are so many machines, lights, and computers, it’s no wonder that their demand requires extra infrastructure to support their functioning. And that extra infrastructure should extend to the kinds of renewable energy sources that your firm can install on the premises. Those are usually solar panels and wind turbines.

 Solar panels tend to be the easiest option, especially seeing as your factory is likely to have a large roof or warehouse ceiling that you can attach them to. If your factory’s in a sunny area, this is a smart option to pursue. Meanwhile, turbines can produce a high volume of renewable power and should be experimented with by firms that can guarantee a certain level of wind for much of the year.



Recycling machine
A recycling machine is working to reduce the factories cardboard waste

You’ll also be aware that your facility produces a high volume of waste. Like superstores and sports venues, you’ll find that you accumulate so much waste that you’ll need a system to properly manage it – and you’ll find that system in useful balers, which gobble up all the cardboard or plastic that you throw into them before compacting them into neat little cubes for collection.

The vital ingredients for these are simple: you’ll need a cardboard baler which you’ll install in your waste room, and some baling wire to hold your bales together, which you can source from Taken together, you’ll have yourself a complete recycling unit that you can use for all the recyclable waste that you produce as a company – helping to reduce the waste you send off to the trash heap.


Environment Officer

A role that’s growing in popularity as the world moves towards a green revolution, the environment officer is tasked with overlooking all aspects of your factory to ensure that you’re in line with existing environmental regulations and that you’re doing as much as you can to be green. This professional will ideally have experience cleaning up other firms, so they can hit the ground running, making important changes to your own.

 By hiring this individual and bringing them to your factory floor, you’ll be showing you’re serious about going green. This can have a profound effect on your firm, making you far more green in the long run – which is something investors and clients will notice. You’ll win more deals, and be able to show off your green credentials with the help of these qualified professionals.

 Bring in these three key additions to your factory in order to make it far more green and eco-friendly, which is the change much of the industry needs to make in the coming years.

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