Explore the Special Events or Occasions to Use Eye-Catching Large Banners

Banners are the most effective tools for promoting your brand. With the advent of fall, summer, and spring, there will be a string of festivals, trade shows, and fairs. If your business has a pop-up or booth at such an event, it is a good idea to use a large-format eye-catching banner for complementing your setup and promoting your business. You may use large and attractive retractable banners for easy and convenient pack up once the event is over.

Banner Designing Tips in a Nutshell 

While designing a large format banner, it is a good idea to use the following tips.

  • Focus on using bright and bold colors
  • Consider using large text legible fonts
  • Avoid strictly fancy fonts or scripts
  • Ensure that your images and text have adequate contrast against the backdrop.

Choosing the Right Spot

Outdoor banner advertising will work well to promote your product or business in precise geographic locations. Even though bus benches, billboards, and transit advertising could prove to be helpful for your small business, all successful outdoor campaigns start with their specific location signage. According to Entrepreneur, your outdoor sign seems to be the very first thing seen by a potential client. Hence, your sign should be impressive and attractive. It should essentially be conspicuous and bright for grabbing instant audience attention. Moreover, it should be adequately informative for letting prospective clients know what items are sold there.

It is crucial to choose the perfect spot so that your banner enjoys high visibility even from a reasonable distance. Once you strategically place the banner in the right spot, it will impact the overall attention the outdoor banner ad gets. Your banners should demonstrate critical information relating to your business’s name, contact details like address, contact number, etc.

Create Memorable Banners for Special Gatherings

A large banner is visible and easy to spot to everyone in the specified area

Large banners are best as party banners. The large outdoor banners can be utilized to celebrate special occasions lavishly. You may use large format banners for bachelorette parties, engagement parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, going away parties, welcome home parties, and more.

Your design should necessarily match or complement your brand. Avoid stuffing the large party banner with excessive text. You may focus on incorporating your website, business name, or even your telephone number. Consider adding a catchy but short tagline or slogan. Choose impressive banners ranging in sizes from 3 feet by approx. 5 feet, and the dimensions could go up to 2.5 feet to about 12 feet. You must choose the right banner size, as per the viewing distance. A banner that is viewed from a reasonable distance should have larger images of high resolution and less text.


Large party banners are best for helping guests find your party from a distance while still on the road. While hosting a grand outdoor party such as a birthday graduation, or pool party, consider opting for a cool party banner so that all your guests can easily spot your house or venue. Always remember to determine the perfect size of the banner by considering the spot where the banner will be strategically placed to attract the attention of guests. A small party banner generally looks out of place.


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