Wearing a Hat When You Have Long Hair – a Few Essential Factors to Consider

Many women look upon their hair as the crowning glory! It’s something they cherish and are proud of. It is also a part of their personal style and they maintain proper grooming habits for the same. Today, hats have become a popular style accessory for women. And girls and women who have long hair often wonder how can they wear their choicest hat.

If you wear a hat that doesn’t fit you well, it will lead to a bad impression. It leads to hat head or hat hair. Irrespective of what you decide to call it, it results in unkempt hair and doesn’t help you look stylish if you don’t get it arranged correctly. And if a woman has long hair, it can develop a sense of tremendous disconnect between the curled or the straightened hair. The hair might appear messy near the shoulders, and it might not make a woman look her best. Today, most women opt-in for the best hats from service providers like the American Hat company. Hence, they must look good in it.

At times most women tend to carry a hair product or a comb to keep their hair looking good when wearing a hat. However, not everyone is in the mood to do that. If you resonate with this and have long hair, the following guidelines can help you.

1. Provide some space to the face

It is always advisable that you shouldn’t pull down the hat right in front of the face. It means that even when you are opting in for a wide-brimmed sun hat aimed at bringing down the UV exposure, you might want to tilt it a little backward. When you do this, people get to have a look at your facial features instead of wondering what your face is like beneath the hat brim. It’s not just a guideline for the brimmed styles. Instead, it is applicable for most hats like a flat hat, ball cap, or even a beanie if you have long hair. It will prevent the hat from resulting in a tight fit around the crown and resulting in a hat head. If you have short hair, you have an added advantage here. It allows your face a tiny space and enables your locks to get better visibility.

2. Ponder on the ratio of volume and space

Every hat pattern will not work for all kinds of hairstyles. Here volume plays an important part. For instance, if your hair tends to be thick or if it has volume and height, you need to choose flexible headwear instead of a hat type that will limit the crown and leave a dent. The casual hat options, such as the knit styles and ball caps, are the best in this space. There are a few dress hats that can prove to be more manageable as well.

3. Analyze where the hair might fall


A young woman is wearing the hat

It is better to distribute the hair on either side of your shoulders when it comes to brimmed hats or hats like the fedora. However, even if you keep a low ponytail, it might work for you. Generally, the casual brimmed hats and other ball caps qualify to be something different. For a woman who has medium-length hair, and if the texture is layered or coarse, it might start to stick out from either side. You have the option to manage the cap in a way that there is some space to keep the hair loose, or you can also pull back the hair in a loose bun or a ponytail.

And if you are opting in for a ball cap that isn’t of a flex-fit style, you can thread the bun or the ponytail through the back opening, or you can place it beneath the hat’s closure. And if your hat lacks a back opening, you can keep your bun or ponytail beneath the hat’s fall.

4. You should dress according to the weather

Most women look upon their hats as a style accessory. However, even then it is necessary to ensure that the weather is apt. Else, the hat can make you feel overheated. Hence, when you think from this perspective, a hat made of heavier knit material or wool is perfect for winter. On the other hand, the woven and straw materials have breathability and are perfect for the summer. However, hats with cotton blends are applicable for most seasons.

Even though hats make you look stylish, you need to wear one based on your hairstyle. Hence, there might be a time when you will feel like folding your hair within the hat, to prevent the ends from falling down. And when everything is in place, you can ensure that the hat has ample room for showcasing the top bump and stays in place. You need to keep in mind a few things when you want your hat to complement your hairstyle.



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