Top 3 Window Decal Designing Tips You Need to Know

Window decals are one of the greatest design mediums due to their capability of boosting a business. Apart from being versatile and bold, attractive window decals can capture the attention of the passers-by instantly. This is a great way to draw their attention to your storefront. They can also promote your brand image and showcase positive environmental effects. You need to include temporary and permanent window decals in your marketing campaign due to their uses.

However, the design options of the window decals are limitless. Therefore, choosing the perfect design and layout for your window stickers might seem a daunting task. You need to consider the graphics, colors, images, readability, and marketing goals of your business before implementing design principles. With proper design, you can take the appearance and effectiveness of your window decals to the next level. Here are the top 3 design tips you should know about window decals.

Consider Your Options

Window decals not only come with various design principles but are also extremely versatile. Here are a few options you need to consider before designing a window decal:

  • Window Clings: This type of window graphic doesn’t have any adhesives. Rather they are placed on the window using suction. The biggest benefit of window clings is that they are repositionable and removable.
  • Perforated Decals: This type of window decal will work as a see-through surface. Therefore, you can look through the windows while advertising your business.
  • Opaque Decals: This window decal is designed for a permanent location. The adhesive of this window sticker is extremely thick. Therefore, you cannot reposition the stickers after applying them to the window.

Whether you’re using the window decals for promotional purposes or personal purposes, you need to consider your options so that you can design the perfect stickers.

Consider the Readability

One of the most important designs factors of the window decals is readability. If your customer cannot read or interpret your sign, your marketing campaign will be shattered instantly.

Determine the location from where your customers will be reading the brand message on the window decals. This way you can choose the perfect font as well as its colors and sizes. Additionally, consider the lighting factor of the decals. This way your stickers will look great all the time.

The further the readers are from your window decals, the large texts you need to print. Make sure you’re not using any fancy fonts. Instead, use regular and legible fonts for your window decals. This way your customer can read the message without facing any readability problem

Choose the Images Carefully

A coffee cup for taking away is displayed on the window

As a business owner, you can implement any type of image you want on your window decals. However, make sure you don’t pick something distracting or offensive. The image you choose should complement the brand message as well as the professionalism of your business. As per Brand master academy, brand message is important.

Don’t place text in a bad spot where the contrast is low. If you’re combining both the text and images, don’t overlap them. Instead, use them strategically so that they both receive the same attention from the customers.

The image you choose needs to be of high resolution. Make sure the DPI of the image is high.


These are the top 3 tips you need to know while designing the window stickers. Whether you have planned the design or need a little help, make sure you contact us. If you have any other questions, comment below to let us know.

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