How to Build a Career with AWS Certifications

Cloud computing is an incredibly important aspect of the world of technology, and the need for qualified professionals is constantly on the rise. By covering a broad set of skills and disciplines needed for success in this line of work, Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications currently present the best, most trusted way to demonstrate proficiency and expertise in this field. Thanks to these benefits, AWS certifications are in high demand at the moment and are a surefire way to build a successful and lucrative career in the IT industry.

What are AWS certifications?

Amazon Web Services was among the first to encourage the craze surrounding cloud computing in the US, with many other big names in the industry following suit. As a result, AWS is one of the earliest and most successful companies in cloud computing, which has not only allowed them to capitalize on their ingenuity, but also to gain plenty of trust and respect in the field.

For that reason, the company decided to utilize its credibility and offer 11 forms of certifications in varying tiers such as Specialty, Professional, Associate, and Foundational. As it’s thought that nearly half of all cloud-based platforms today work on Amazon’s servers, this means that being AWS certified and have extensive knowledge in the area is no longer only an added benefit, but rather a requirement for many IT positions.

Types of AWS certifications

As it’s slowly becoming a leader in the industry, AWS has developed a wide range of content over the years that covers extensive curriculums and a number of different skills needed for gaining full benefits from these services. To that end, any IT professional attempting to improve their knowledge and expand their skill set can choose from different types of certifications that suit their preferences and needs the most.

For instance, you could become a data analyst, cloud practitioner, machine learning specialist, solutions architect, DevOps engineer, or database specialist, among other AWS certifications. The specific program and certification you opt for will likely depend on your current knowledge, as well as your plans regarding your future career.

How to get AWS certified

As with most other forms of certifications, it’s necessary to find an official AWS training partner with authorized AWS instructors in order to get certified and efficiently demonstrate your skills to future employers. For most individuals, opting for a solution that offers both classroom-based and virtual learning opportunities could also be beneficial.

With that in mind, many Aussies, for instance, get their AWS certification in Australia by choosing only the best, most reputable training facilities that will allow them to achieve their goals. Such experts are able to provide anyone with the most relevant learning path to their career, allowing them to build necessary cloud skills and achieve success in the industry.

Gaining hands-on experience

While theoretical knowledge is crucial, it might not be enough for passing the AWS exam and furthering your career. You will likely also need to gain more practical experience with this platform in an effort to increase your chances of success.

To achieve this, Amazon itself could be of great help. The company offers AWS students free access to a limited collection of features for an entire year, which should be more than enough for most individuals to gain the necessary hands-on experience. However, you always have the option to build a deeper understanding of the platform by joining a team and working on an open-source project as well, if that is what you prefer or require for future positions.

Lucrative career opportunities

Schematic view of a man climbing to the top of his career

AWS is in high demand at the moment, and so are very specific positions in the field that require experienced professionals around the globe. Among the most sought-after jobs at the moment are cloud architects who offer lead implementation and technical architectures efforts for ensuring the adoption of new technologies, cloud developers that create applications and other software solutions for businesses, and cloud purchase and sales managers who shape and grow creative technologies.

But even though these positions are quite popular right now, the industry is incredibly broad, and there are a number of lucrative and prospective career opportunities available for any AWS certified individual. The specific career path you choose will likely depend on the type of certification you have acquired, as well as your personal wishes and preferences.

Clearly, AWS certifications are essential in the IT industry. If you want to expand your knowledge, find more profitable jobs, and gain respect and recognition in the industry, you might want to consider getting AWS certified.

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