Simple Tips to Select the Right Yoga Mat for Yourself

Yoga mats are an important part of practice, so it is worth taking additional time for selection.  

Here are a few tips to select a print-on-demand yoga mat that will meet your needs: 

1) Material 

There are two materials print on demand yoga mats can be made from – PVC and rubber. Rubber print on demand mats is usually more durable, but they are also heavier. Some people prefer PVC because it has a better grip, especially in sweaty conditions (although this is not a unique feature of print-on-demand yoga mats). Some print-on-demand yoga mats have “sticky” surfaces with added texture. 


2) Size 

Before buying a print-on-demand yoga mat look at space available in your studio or room. Consider also print-on-demand mats durability – if it is made of rubber consider what will happen if someone runs with print on a demand yoga mat under his print on demand feet 🙂 You can always cut larger print-on-demand yoga mats, but selecting the correct size from start may be easier. 


3) Surface texture 

If you need print-on-demand yoga mats that won’t slip unless you want to move your feet much better to avoid print-by-demand sticky print-on-demand mats. On the other hand printing a sharp image with large contrast print on demand print on print on demand mats can be tricky – print-by-demand print & go the print-on-demand yoga mat is much better for logos and complex images. 


4) Print by print on demand date (date printed, not an expiration date!) and printing material 

Contact us if you want to find out how to print by print on demand date is calculated or check with previous owners of your favorite print by print on demand print-on-demand yoga mats. Some companies mix materials that degrade over time; we use only acid-free materials so our prints will last as long as the print itself. Some print by print on demands may contain PVC which becomes brittle in large quantities of UV light – check manufacturer’s information about their material safety data print by print on demand sheets. 


5) Printing side 

Print-on-demand yoga mats usually have a ‘right’ way to print-on-demand print – all parts that touch the floor in standing poses should be printed. Selecting the wrong printing side can lead to undesirable effects in practice, but selecting the correct one doesn’t guarantee smooth flow in your practice. Choose what you feel works best for you! 


6) Pattern logo and pattern color blending with the surface color 

There are a few factors worth considering when selecting pattern logo and pattern colors: 


  1. ) Unless it is specifically stated not to do so both logos and patterns must be anti-slip (rubber/PVC). Print-on-demand mats usually have a ‘right’ way to print – all parts that touch the floor in standing poses should be printed. 
  2. ) Unless it is specifically stated, do not use a black fabric pattern logo or dark pattern colors because these can cause problems with UV light exposure (printing materials will become brittle). If you’re print on demand yoga mats are black or dark grey, they may take color once exposed to sunlight. 

However, you can still choose what you feel works best for you! Some students love dark blueprints next to their skin and lighter colors in standing poses! 


7) Price 

On the price tag is written best price

Print-on-demand yoga mat offers FREE SHIPPING print-on-demand yoga mats! We hope that shows how confident we are about our product. 


8) Print type 

If you want your printed image to move rather than crack avoid using silk screen printing techniques – unless it is specifically stated, do not use silk screen printing techniques! Use heat transfer printing techniques only if it states so. 


9) Material used for making the yoga mat 

Some companies mix materials that degrade over time; we use only acid-free materials so our prints will last as long as the print itself. Some suppliers may even use recycled material which makes their products eco-friendly and toxic. 


10) Return policy and warranty 

Returns and exchanges are not offered with custom-created print yoga mats, so check the return policy from the supplier before making a purchase! Some companies do not accept returns or exchanges. Others have a strict time limit. You also need to know if you can get your money back only partially (for example if you want to use the remaining voucher for another company product) or refund fully. 



Well, we hope that our article has been informative and shed some light on the technical side of print by print on demand yoga print-on-demand – but remember that choosing one is always a matter of personal preference! We really hope you found what you were looking for and if not, feel free to contact us with your questions. The printable mat allows you to design your own custom printed yoga mat or any other type of personalized gift item such as school bags with names, phone cases, and many more with a few clicks! 

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