5 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic

No doubt, creating a website is a big thing for your small business’s success. As it gives you an online presence to grow your business around the globe. But new as well as veteran business owners struggle to get traffic to their websites. 

While billions of other websites, with the same niche as yours, compete for audience attention, it is quite challenging to get people to find yours. Do not worry! We have come up with 5 proven ways that promise to increase your website traffic. Let’s dig in to find out how you can drive site traffic:


1. On-Page SEO for Organic Searches 

Online search is one of the main ways by which potential customers find your website. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is an important tactic for increasing website traffic. You can follow the easiest steps of on-page optimization for SEO or hire an SEO Service Provider. It includes; selecting relevant search queries aka keywords and customizing your URL and title tag by including a specific keyword.

You can add a meta description for each page and leverage your website content to bring targeted visitors to your page. For SEO and PPC, you can take the help of powerful companies like eCentres.ie which can help you optimize your site. Ecentres is an all-in-one marketing company, with which you can promote your website across all your marketing channels and increase your site traffic.


2. Engage Your Social Media Followers 

Social media marketing is another powerful channel to increase traffic to your website. Social ads jumpstart your website by increasing your visibility and followers count on these platforms. Just like search ads, social media advertising is PPC. Hence, you only have to pay for the website traffic that you actually get. 

Social media platforms help you reach the right audience through specific targeting options. You should post relevant and up-to-date content across your social media platforms. Moreover, interact with your audience by replying to them and using hashtags. Regularly update the link in your bio or change your cover photo to promote your new content. 


3. Guest Posting and Backlinks Exchange 

Search engines use backlinks as a primary signal to determine which websites have the best content. One of the effective ways to generate backlinks is guest posting for other websites. It boosts referral traffic and increases search engine results page (SERP) rankings. Always look for websites within your industry to pitch. 

Make sure its content is of high quality. You should study its domain authority and guest posting requirements. If you let the website owners know about the broken links on their site that cover the same topics as yours, they might replace it with a link to your site. In this way, you can increase your website traffic. 


4. PromoteThrough Digital Ads & Influencers Outreach 

Digital or banner ads are designed to drive traffic to a website or a specific landing page. They are placed on websites or blogs that attract a specific audience relevant to your niche. Such ads and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising target groups are based on age, gender, interests, or education level. The activity of visitors on your website helps you to build and manage ads to target those who are interested in your business. 

Industry and social media influencers are also a great way to advertise your business and bring their followers to your website. You can tag the influencer, pay them to share your content, or take their interview if your content references them. When they share it with their audience, your website will experience more traffic. 


5. Drive Website Traffic Through Email

A schematic representation of the email traveling across the globe

An email is a powerful tool to inform your audience about your business and to drive the audience to specific pages on your website. You can promote your website with two kinds of emails; Newsletters and Promotional emails. Email newsletters promote useful information about sales or events. 

Users visit your website to read a blog or to avail an offer. This comes with a downside as only those people would visit your site who already know you. To drive new visitors you can use promotional emails. These emails highlight new sales or specific events to the general public. In both cases, the number of people who visit your site increases effectively.

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