The Value of Branded Corporate Apparel

Image is everything in the corporate world. From work output to behavior and social media, there are many ways in which a business can control its outward image. For example, investing in branded corporate apparel is a simple measure that brings a wide variety of benefits – regardless of your industry. 

Custom workwear is primarily produced via screen printing or embroidery. If your business is considering a switch to branded corporate apparel, this article will break down everything you need to know.

The Ability to Customise

One of the benefits offered by workwear branding is the ability to customize. This customization allows you to order anything from apparel with a subtle and small logo to a large imprint across the clothing’s front or back – the choice is yours.  

A company’s logo can be a source of pride. For storied family franchises and businesses, their logo, name, and branding may also hold a special place in the hearts and minds of staff. Through experienced workwear branding companies, you can often work alongside designers to create apparel that meets your unique preferences and specifications.

Brand Recognition

Regardless of whether you are a new name or firmly established in the industry, branded corporate apparel is an excellent way to increase recognition and awareness. This approach can be particularly beneficial if you are a new business looking to gain a foothold in a highly competitive industry. 

Recognition can grow through dealings with customers, clients, and business partners. When workers are fitted out in one-of-a-kind custom apparel, you can even build your brand through exposure to random members of the public. Showing off your custom apparel at conventions and corporate events are also great opportunities for brand building. 

Stand Out From the Crowd

Custom corporate apparel can be fitted out with anything from a logo to a company name, an imprint, or a slogan. There is also the option to add an individual’s name or title to the fabric. This can be an excellent addition for any staff members who are customer or client-facing. 

It can be easy to get lost in the maze and the constant competitiveness of the business world. Custom corporate workwear is your chance to gain a foothold, stand out from the crowd, and finally, be able to sport one-of-a-kind apparel that is exclusively available to your staff.


From starting a venture to adopting a brand-new image, branded corporate apparel is integral to any rebranding process. Regardless of why the change is being made, you will want to make sure that all workwear branding is uniform. This will help to avoid confusion caused by existing logos, names, and imprints. 

If time is of the essence, consider ordering your corporate apparel online. This can significantly speed up the process and ensure that you receive your workwear in line with the rebranding rollout. Businesses with multiple workplaces and larger workforces will also benefit from quick delivery.

Events/Special Occasions

Branded corporate apparel and events naturally go together, offering excellent once-off opportunities for brand exposure. This can be your chance to make a real imprint on the minds of corporate partners, customers, and clients.

Custom apparel can also be ordered for internal work events and special occasions. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons why businesses invest in a customized workwear service.

A schematic representation of different types of work clothes

Suitable for Multiple Industries

As noted above, corporate workwear is not only for the boardroom. Custom branded apparel can be ordered and produced for a huge array of industries and work environments. Branded uniforms and workwear work perfectly for trades, healthcare, hospitality, gyms, event staff, and more – particularly for those with corporate offices and facilities for upper management. 

Additionally, businesses with multiple locations and the need for mass uniform consistency naturally need large amounts of branded corporate apparel. Online tech start-ups and digital marketing agencies are also beginning to embrace the idea of branding their workwear. If your business has not yet made the switch, you can always explore the options and speak directly to suppliers.


Whatever field of business you operate in, projecting a consistent outward image is vital. Having a reliable and steady image and brand can be the deciding factor for prospective clients. Therefore, when the time to set up a client meeting, they will be able to remember exactly who you are and maintain that association moving forward.

This brings us to another key group – customers. Regardless of the industry, customers are naturally drawn to what they already know (unless a major selling point drives them in). If you don’t take the opportunity to invest in corporate apparel, customers may forget or ignore your business and opt for a more recognizable brand with a popular logo/imprint.

Corporate Apparel Online – More than Suits & Ties 

Over recent years, the scope of what corporate apparel involves has changed dramatically. Across countless industries, trends have continued to move toward a mixture of casual, smart casual, and traditional corporate clothing. This means that when your business looks to order corporate apparel online, the opportunities are endless. 

Of course, branded workwear will still involve suits, ties, and classy polo shirts. Alternatives, however, also include everything from linen and denim button-downs to jackets, t-shirts, vests, cardigans, jumpers, and more. As a result, you can order a mix to suit the unique needs of your workers, be it out on site, attire for client meetings, or day-to-day duties in the office. 

Partnering with a Recognised Workwear Supplier

Customized corporate workwear is ultimately only as good as the suppliers who produce and design the clothes. A few factors will be critical here. First, the supplier must be able to meet the quantity demands that you require. Second, suppliers that already have access to quality basics are another advantage. This way you know that the apparel is built to last, particularly if the basics brand is well known. Lastly, you can also seek out other branded corporate apparel that they have previously completed for other companies.


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