Essential Tech for Home Schooling and Learning

Over the last decade the idea of homeschooling, and learning new and interesting skills and abilities has come to the fore in a big way. Initially, it was about the freedom to choose how we educated our children. As the internet improved, homeschooling became a more credible option. This has been cemented by the pandemic and the realization that parents have the ability and with the improvements in tech, the support and wherewithal to be able to take on the task of homeschooling and learning as a whole. 


What are homeschooling and learning? 

You don’t necessarily need to remove your child from formal schooling to be able to engage with this way of thinking, and any opportunity to add and contribute to your child’s learning and education must be taken with both hands. The availability of online education and training resources such as we have never seen before and the volume of educational and learning materials that are available (and most of it for free) has led to the surge in popularity of a system of hybrid learning where children are able to access the exact same learning online as in the actual classroom. So, whether they are in school or not there is a clear opportunity for them to continue learning. 

It is also a way of learning that has been used to re-skill and learn new skills for a career change or tertiary education. Whether it is a hobby or a monetized skill you can learn it online and you can learn it whenever you have the time, or it suits your lifestyle as long as you have the internet and the right technology. 


The tech that you will need 

A keyboard of the laptop is displayed

A good laptop or PC has been proven sufficient for a home school setup, although the Lenovo kids tablets have been used both in school and at home for the younger kids and will serve as a great starting point for the home-based continuation of their education. The key is to keep the technology appropriate to those using it and monitor the actual uses. 

Any homeschooling or learning will need access to the internet and as such one of the main considerations must be whether the device is able to be networked and connected as well as integrated with another tech in the home and used for learning. 

A screen is essential for actual teaching, especially if it’s using online videos and lectures. Kids can follow along on their own devices afterward and do the actual work on their personal tech, but there is nothing that will beat a clear picture or video to show learners of all ages how to do something. 

We are firmly in the information and data age and as such everything including the way we learn and educate has changed. The internet is where a great deal of education and training now takes place and as such you will need the appropriate technology to be able to engage and access the treasure trove of knowledge that is the internet. 


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