Don’t Settle for Average Reasons to Choose The Best Air Drills

Air drills are also known as pneumatic drills and are percussive equipment that works using compressed air. The best air drills are highly efficient and lightweight tools that are easy to control. Hence, they are very user-friendly and require low maintenance.

Air drills are typically used for drilling holes of smaller diameter in hard rocks. Hence, they serve applications most commonly in mining and construction. The air that powers such a drill is derived through an air compressor that in turn is powered by a diesel engine. There are several advantages to using the best air drills, some of which are stated below.

Reasons Why You Need The Best Air Drills In Your Toolkit

1.  More Penetrating Power

There are various types of drills that have varying rates of penetration (ROP). The best air drills have an ROP that can be even higher than hydraulic drills. Such a drill can have 5 times more ROP depending on which surface it is drilling holes into. It results from the frequency that the bit impacts the material. The frequency for air-powered rock drilling is precisely 40 times per second.

The system of air drilling is much more effective as it simultaneously removes rock fragments due to the hammering motion. Such is not possible with tri-cone rotary drilling as the rock fragments are pushed between the heads which can sow the drill down and make the drilling less efficient.

2. An Economical Drilling Option

With a superior rate of penetration come many more advantages. The high ROP leads to many more drills in a short span. This greatly reduces labor costs and less wear and tear on the equipment. As a result, the drill breaks down less often and the drill heads need fewer replacements. So, costs are kept low which is better suited for the construction budget.

3. Offers High-Quality Drilling Output

The best air drills are ones that allow technicians to render a higher quality service than expected. The pneumatic technology offers unmatched drilling precision. It enables technicians to complete complex and demanding projects with the necessary quality and a faster turnaround time.

An air drill has the power to create precise drills on various surfaces such as concrete, soft rock, and hard rock. As a result, air drills cater effectively to standing structures such as bridges and buildings where demolition is unnecessary.

In such projects, one can use an air drill to create strategic holes that are necessary to accommodate the installation of fortifying materials and corrosion-resistant electrodes within the concrete beams.

Top Features The The Best Air Drills Offer

Air drill
An air drill is being used by a worker
  • Multiple Applications- The best air drills can be used for a variety of different purposes. It can be used in the interior and exterior of a building for chipping, cutting, trimming, piercing, and riveting.
  • Highly Durable- Air drills comprise barrels made from a hardened steel alloy. Hardened steel significantly enhances the longevity and durability of an air drill by preserving the body and interior parts of the drill. Moreover, the hardened steel is also resistant to excessive vibrations.
  • Ease Of Use- These handheld marvels are easy to hold and maneuver as the best air drills are pretty lightweight and come in polymer housing. Hence, the layering reduces percussive fatigue and protects the hand from heavy vibrations.
  • Greater Efficiency- Air drills have barrels with shank chisels that can deliver over 2500 blows per minute. Moreover, such drills have highly durable spring retainers that boost the functionality of the device.
  • Cost-Effective- Most pneumatic tools have a higher retail price. However, this is only during your purchase. Their durability makes up for the price tag by leaps and bounds. Put together with a low need for maintenance and a cut down on labor costs, such a drill is a clear winner.
  • State-Of-The-Art Features- The latest air drills in the market come with top-notch functionalities, especially Bluetooth technology. This means that one can easily monitor data such as the current torque of the air drill, and also the angle at which the holes are being drilled.


So, there you have it! Wait no further since you are now familiar with the myriad of advantages that the best air drills have to offer. Get your air drill today!

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